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We are looking for a Python/Django Developer (0,8-1 FTE)

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About AviTMS

The AviTMS is a fully integrated training management system for the aviation industry and recognized by the ICAO Global Aviation Training Office as one of the best technologies to efficiently manage a training organization. We always work tirelessly to improve our product and give our customers the best tool for managing their training organization. Aviation is all about safety; as developer of the AviTMS product you contribute to safe(r) aviation across the globe.

Turnkey implementation Our customers want to work as easily as possible. This way there can be time for customers and students and not for nasty software. Our customers focus on providing aviation training to their trainees as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Our stack mainly consists of Python, Django, git, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, nginx and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian). We use this to develop web-based systems and APIs that are flexible and robust. All our Python code follows the PEP8 standard and we monitor functionality and quality with unit tests and pull request reviews. Everyone can deploy projects to a staging environment on one of our servers with Ansible.

Your profile

We mainly expect you to have some experience with Python and that you already know Django or can pick it up quickly. You’re not afraid of a bit of HTML or CSS. With some help in our workflow, you should be able to work independently and together with the lead developers you can see which parts you can contribute to.

There is a lot of room to incorporate your own input and ideas into projects, because at NextGear you are involved in the entire process: from meeting the customer to going live. We are a relatively small team of people aged 19 to 45 in which you quickly feel at home. The atmosphere is informal, we provide a daily lunch and on Friday afternoon there is a good chance of an (alcoholic and 0.0%) refreshment and snacks.

Many people who work for us have completed IT-related training. However, this is not a hard requirement. Nowadays, anyone with the right mindset, commitment and experience can master the developer profession.

Your workplace

We keep our office in the center of Amsterdam without it feeling like a hectic place. Our office is spacious and green. People also regularly work from home or another location where they feel at home.


If you are enthusiastic after reading this story and would like to come and take a look, please send an email with your experience and profile to Carlo de Cocq:

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