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AviTMS is a fully integrated training management system for the aviation industry, adhering to the Doc 9841 requirements and recognized by the ICAO Global Aviation Training Office as one of the best technologies to efficiently manage a training organization. AviTMS is designed together with and especially for the aviation industry. We have 20 years of experience in developing and delivering training management systems in aviation. Our consultants, project managers, and developers will guarantee a smooth and 'turn-key' delivery.

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AviTMS is designed to automate the administrative part of your training processes to ensure that you can focus on providing top-notch training or keeping your (flight) crew up to standards. We always analyze your current way of working and combine our standard modules with custom-built parts to ensure that the software works for you and not the other way around. Our training module makes the scheduling of training sessions fully automated. Our management module creates perfect reports, e-mail notifications, and overviews to provide real-time insights for your management and staff. Depending on your situation, we have modules available for line training, check rides, flight schools, and ATC training organizations.

Our main features

AviTMS is always customized to fit the needs and way of working of your organization. Whether you are an air traffic control training organization, flight school, or airline or focus on other types of training, we automate your processes!


Schedule your courses, training programs or type ratings with our automated calendar. AviTMS checks the availability of trainers, training rooms,simulatorsr,s and airplanes and provides an easy overview of what is going on in yourtraining organization.


Learning Management System

Our integrated LMS allows crew members, students, or trainees to access course materials from anywhere and at any time. Digital classrooms allow for remote learning and the advanced e-exam module enables easy examination for both trainer and trainee.


Quality Management

We automate every step in the process and ensure that you can focus on running your day-to-day operation. AviTMS sends reminders when crew members need training, when students pass an exam, or when trainees are ready for the next part of the training program. We ensure that payments are processed, invoices are created or a connection is set up with your scheduling system. AviTMS automatically creates certificates where desired, renews a type rating where needed, or processes the results or simulator training.



AviTMS comes with an integrated quality management module. Risks can easily be added to processes and activities and mitigating measures can be assigned to colleagues. After completing (internal) audits, findings and action plans are added to AviTMS. Furthermore, performance indicators can be created to measure the quality of your training organization.

The ITMS is not only an excellent centralised system into which all our processes are integrated but also a fantastic managerial tool supporting our successful growing activities as Training Center of Excellence. We are therefore pleased to make this potent integrated training management system available, trough Software Development Company NextGear BV, to training organisations committed to optimal efficient performance in delivering training courses ultimately based on high-quality international standards.
-- Paula Almeida | Director JAA-TO
Our aviation team

The AviTMS has been developed by a team of specialists at the Amsterdam based software development company NextGear, specialised in projects where software improves business-critical working processes and data storage. Operating in several branches and training centres in the Aviation industry, AviTMS was developed in the Netherlands together with JAA-TO in 2006. AviTMS follows ICAO Doc 9841 principles, interfaces with various third-party systems and is customisable as a whole standalone system or in modules. AviTMS is already integrated with several training centres across the globe providing their participants the best registration and training services possible.

Carlo de Cocq

Managing director

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Frederik van den Bosch

Founder and consultant

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Solution Architect

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