Certificate's features

Planning, scheduling, classrooms and training plans

Course planning takes place in the back-end following a secured login. Courses can be scheduled according to a pre-defined training plan. An easy to use calendar shows upcoming and past courses with relevant information like the number of participants, minimum and maximum participants.

A mood indicator shows colour-coded events like certain cut-off dates and relevant thresholds, i.e. if a course is full or has been cancelled. Each course can be scheduled in a certain classroom with certain features. For every course general information like pre-entry requirements, policies and procedures can be added.

By selecting a course date you can see all details of that course with all participants registered. Per participant, you can see all contact information, courses this participant has previously been registered for, payment status, exam results, certificates and responses to feedback questionnaires.  

Per course all relevant documents can be generated, such as:

course material, badges, table plates, lists of presence, feedback questionnaires, certificates, and participants’ expectations.

Also, course resources can be added or changed, including instructors and classrooms. Classrooms and other resources can be managed and scheduled within the AviTMS in order to prevent double bookings.

Management tools, reporting and course development​

In the reports section of the AviTMS, you can find all kinds of reports on accounts& participants, calendar reports, course-, financial- and trainer- reports.

There also is a financial mood indicator of the courses scheduled to take place during a month. You can filter to select specific courses, periods and locations and get a summary for an overall view of the selected period. This summary is followed by a detailed overview of the different costs and resources involved and a detailed break-down of the revenues and costs that amount to the total.

Also available is a certificate report, which shows a detailed overview of the certificates that are in the system per trainee or instructor. With this report, there is always an up-to-date and real-time view of the certification.

All courses share a collection of course material. This material can be managed through the course development module. In this module designated course developers can discuss (draft) training materials and changes to the material. Once finalised course material can be assigned to one or more courses where availability to instructors (for instance: PowerPoint presentations for the course) and participants (for instance: general documentation about the course) can be managed.

Detailed version history ensures that the correct material is in the right hands, you can always trace back who changed what and when and previous versions are always available for training developers with the correct credentials and access rights.

Enrollments, certification and examination​

All available courses can be found on the course calendar or searched and filtered by name and specific course content.  The registration process is simple and fast. You choose a course, see all its details and log in or register. For first time users, this whole process does not take more than 2 minutes. When registering, trainee and company details are saved in order to minimize the required information for a smooth process. The system securely handles and stores all registration details. The registration process can be integrated with payment systems and billing information.

During the registration process, the trainee is asked about his or her expectations, this information is shared automatically with the instructor before the course takes place.If needed a letter of invitation and other official documents can be automatically generated.The Integrated front- and back-end process makes it easy to manage registrations for all courses and set reminders for all involved parties: students, instructors, administrative and financial departments.

All trainees’ records are securely stored with their respective courses, exams and certificates.Trainees receive a confirmation by e-mail after agreeing with the terms and conditions.The AviTMS can connect and interact with several external examination services. Alternatively, there is a survey/examination module available within the AviTMS.

Trainees will receive their certification after successful completion of the course. These certificates are accessible through the my-course section for each trainee or for instructors for all participants.

Record keeping, compliance and safety management and quality assurance​

Throughout the whole AviTMS records are kept of all relevant actions. All these records are traceable to a user of the system. For instance: If a course description is changed, the system records when and by whom this was changed.

Furthermore, a quality assurance/quality management system is part of AviTMS. The Quality Manager can incorporate all company procedures and requirements with which the organisation needs to comply.

Findings, observations and opportunities for improvement are logged and automatically sent to the responsible department or employee. The focal point can enter the root-cause and propose solutions and an action plan per finding and, once saved, the information is automatically notified to the Quality Manager who can then close the issue.

Reports can be generated to keep track of statistics and support the management of the organisation with its strategy for quality enhancement and organisational improvements. Extensive reporting on the global action plan and flexible performance indicators are part of the system.

The AviTMS has an array of tools to assist during internal and external audits and to generate all relevant reports.

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